Our company's values include reliability and service-mindedness

TJI - The most providing real estate agency on the Sunshine Coast

TJI is a real estate company in the Costa Del Sol.

We have been operating in Spain for several years and because of this we have become familiar with the local culture and practices. TJI have networked efficiently and extensively to be a nationwide expert.

Our values are reliability, responsibility and service-mindedness. When you to do business with us, we will make it easy and pleasant for you.

Considering the personal needs of our customers is one of our company's greatest values. That’s the way we work with our customers. Our company's skilled staff has worked in the real estate industry for decades. Strong experience can be found on the Finnish and Spanish real estate side.

Our staff's solid construction experience also helps us find only the best and highest quality products for our customers.

The condition inspection of the properties is a high standard for confirming the final acceptance of the products for our sale.

We will set aside enough time to listen to your needs and find the Costa Del Sol home or investment property you want with a customized property search service. If you have special wishes or requirements, or if the product you are looking for cannot be found on our sites, we will act immediately to ensure the best properties on the Costa Del Sol will be available for you, regardless of your budget. Our professionalism guarantees our customers the best result.

Our sites have only a fraction of the items we sell. So feel free to contact us and we will look for a selection of suitable products for you. We always have new and surprising items in our back pocket that you may not have even considered.

“TJI customize the most suitable home or holiday home for you.”